joseph verrone, LCSW


​12011 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 200

Los Angeles, CA  90049



The most important task of a therapist is to listen.  I am interested in everything that you have to say.  No topic is off limits, and often what is thought of as "unnecessary" to talk about is actually what helps us to grow the most.  I listen with curiosity and work to help you develop that curiosity in yourself. 

My training as a Psychoanalyst helps to provide a framework for treatment.  Psychoanalytic principles draw attention to the role of thoughts and feelings which may be out of our awareness, as well as how our past affects our present.  The relationship developed with a therapist can be an important tool for change and what happens in treatment often mirrors what happens outside in the world.  Through this work, troubling behavioral patterns can be modified and more fulfilling relationships can be attained. 

I am very interested in the role that identity has in our lives. How we see and understand ourselves has a profound impact on our decisions. Identity includes how we see our work selves, relationships, sexuality, gender and family roles. I work to help you understand what prevents a connection to greater authenticity.

Areas of clinical experience include:

     - Anxiety

     - Depression

     - LGBTQ & Gender

     - ADHD

     - Sexual Addiction and Compulsion

     - Relationships ​

     - Work-Related Issues and Career Development